Staffing, HR & workforce solutions for your business.

Goal and Mission: to develop loyal partnerships with employers in search of long-term valuable additions to their company while educating dependable individuals to fulfill those positions creating retention for the employer and stable employment for the employee.


Our mission

End the gap in unemployment by helping potential employees connect with their dream job.


Professional Management Solutions LLC mission is to glorify God by contributing either directly or indirectly to the community by making the unemployed, undergraduates, graduates & professional smarter, healthier, safer and ethical when it comes to the workforce (Titus 2:7). The mission covers the career needs of contingent, specialized and professional employees. The company teaches professionals how to take necessary actions when faced with apathy, persevere in the presence of adversity and sought for common ground in the face of professional-related conflicts. Also, the company advocates for innovation, creativity and skillful association with the aim of providing independent and safe working environment. Businesses will have access to high-caliber employees who are available for temporary or permanent work.


Coretta Frazier
Professional Management Solutions

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about pms

What We Do

Professional Management Solutions, LLC focuses on analyzing the skills, needs, and interests of the workforce and merging them with the market needs. Our primary focus is on the following the career fields; human resource, customer service employees, medical office staff, substitute teachers, manufacturing, management and as well as custodian and janitorial service workers.

The potential employees are trained on skills, standards, and policies that are practical and applicable in the current and future market. Working with small and emerging business clients helps us to develop practical, concrete, short-term and long-term action plans oriented towards moving their workforce and businesses in the desired direction.